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One of our aims is to generate an interest in portable radio activities. As a group we aim to provide activations of historical sites and promote tourism within our county whilst generating Amateur radio awareness.

Raise Ham Radio Awareness..........Generate Intrest Among Young People..........Promote Tourism

What we do!

We approach historical sites / tourist attractions and, with permission, we operate Amateur radio equipment in an attempt to make contacts throughout the world.

Once a contact is established and logged, we send participating stations advertising material for these facilities in the form of  
"QSL" Cards. The card is basically a post card depicting the premises or location we have visited  and many Ham Radio operators collect such cards to remind them of their operating achievements.

Operators from participating countries then arrange to visit those far reached historical sites and attempt an activation of their own or visit the locations with family or friends  
whilst on holidays.

The setup of our events include the installation of a basic radio transmitter and accompanying antenna (usually nothing more than a long thin wire). Our equipment is type approved and our licensed operators maintain the safety of all equipment and any public visitors while at your premises. 
What does it cost you?

Amateur Radio is a hobby for us and not a business, we promote your facility purely for fun and the total cost to you is the donation of space on your premises, a table, chair and access to the mains power supply to power our equipment that runs nothing more than your average Personal Computer.

We print our own "QSL Cards" (post cards) which sre sent all around the world promoting your venue at zero cost to you.

Check out the links below to some of the locations we have activated and promoted in the past:

Elizabeth Fort
Camden Fort
Blackrock Castle
Cork City Gaol
Mizen Visitors Centre
Mallow Castle
Blarney Castle
Ballynamona Beach
Barryscourt Castle
Charles Fort
Spike Island
Roches Point Lighthouse

Contact us about your Venue.

Activities and suggestions are always welcome.

If you would like for one of our representatives to visit you with further details or if you feel your facilities could benefit from our unique events, further information can be obtained via email


You can also drop us a line on the Contact page by filling out the form and a member of out team will make contact with you.

If you would like to listen to us in action CLICK HERE for an audio file.

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