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North Cork
Radio Group

We are a non-profit organisation that works within the community and closely with local business’s to promote Irish heritage and tourism within our county. Using our unique hobby of Amateur Radio as a focal point, we promote and teach while maintaining a fun and visually technical experience.

The Group represents the interests of radio enthusiasts in the Cork region. Our aim is to generate an interest in Amateur Radio awareness and to introduce newcomers to the hobby while enjoying the benefits of Group and community activities.

We hold our own public liability insurance and a licence to teach and operate nationwide. This allows the Group to organise activities on a wide range of exciting locations, some of which are closed to the general public, adding a truly unique experience for our members.  

The Group is also affiliated to the Irish Radio Transmitters Society, The national society for Ireland of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU).

All donations to the club are very much welcomed and appreciated.
If your business or company would like to sponser us , get in touch via the  contact page and we will get in touch with you to discuss it further.

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